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Convey the "right image" of your BUSINESS

The detailed product and service contents found in your web site, brochures and catalogs may not be enough to market and sell your company’s products and service. For today’s online consumers photography presents your business products and services at their best, which can be the difference between compelling your customer to buy.

You've heard the phrase "a picture speaks a thousand words" and our experience of building unique web sites is more than enough to have convinced us of this phrase's truthfulness... and in the power of superb photograph. Even the best product will not sell if it is poorly photographed and even worse is having no photograph at all.

We offer the highest quality, commercial digital studio and macro photography

Mindwind is pleased to offer it's commercial photography services for all of your needs. We cover promotional, advertising and catalogue work for web and print use. Our images are always supplied to meet your needs, whether for web or print use. They come with all our expertise in colour management and high quality reproduction. We aim to produce product photography that is both informative and eye-catching, for brochures, display stands and web use.

As an environmentally friendly company, we have eliminated the use of film and chemicals and have reduced the use of paper by using electronic proofing sent anywhere in the world via the internet. Product images are supplied in digital formats to suit -your- requirements, typically 'web ready' JPEG files at 72dpi or 'print ready' at 300dpi and whatever size you need, in either tiff or Photoshop psd formats.

Mindwind.co Photography services include:

Location Photography | We go on location, wherever required, to capture the pictures of your business products & services.

Industrial / Manufacturer Product Photography | Our photographers are well-experienced in shooting various industrious materials.

People Shots | Mindwind’s photographers can capture everything; from corporate head shots, candid people shots and more.

Food and Product Photography | Entice customers to buy your products with irresistible photography.

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